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Prologue—Podcasts are Disappearing

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Ep1—Time to Take Notice

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Ep2—Get Organized

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Ep3—Back it up

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Ep4—Metadata Meta-awareness

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Ep5—RSS Resuscitations

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Preserve Your Podcast Zine

READ: the zine & workbook

Our zine shines a light on the risks to digital files, and offers what you can do to prevent catastrophe while also saving & organizing your files for future access. Use it to follow along with our podcast, during a workshop, or on your own. It is absolutely free for you to read online, download, print, and distribute.

Zine Jr. (the mini-workbook from our workshop) is also available to print front-back on one page. Simple cut-and-fold instruction here.

Download & color! From Episode 4 Metadata Archaeology Coloring Sheet (pg. 12 in the zine)

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ATTEND: workshops & conferences

We want to meet you! The archivists of Preserve This Podcast will be traveling to various workshops + conferences to take podcasters, producers, and audio archivists through the curriculum of archiving podcasts. Contact us at preservethispodcast[at] if you're interested in hosting a workshop.

Here's how you can host your own workshop

Missed a workshop? Watch a recording a workshop webinar

iSchool @ UW-Madison Continuing Ed

Spring 2020  |  On your computer/phone


Sound Education

11/2 + 11/3/2018  |  Cambridge, MA

Werk It 2018: A Women's Podcast Festival

11/13 + 11/14/2018  |  Knockdown Center, NYC

NY Tech Zine Fair

12/1/2018  |  School for Poetic Computation, 155 Bank St. NYC

On Air Fest

3/2/2019  |  Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

Who saves our stories for the future? A Preserve This Podcast Launch Party!

3/21/2019  |  METRO 599 11th Ave, NYC

Who saves our stories for the future? Panel

3/21/2019 at 7p est  |  YouTube live stream

It's the year 2039. Where's your podcast? (A Preserve This Podcast workshop)

3/22/2019  |  METRO 599 11th Ave, NYC

MARAC: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference

4/12/2019  |  Morgantown, WV

Union Power: Collective Bargaining in Podcasting

4/18/2019  |  METRO 599 11th Ave, NYC

Podcast Brunch Club: The Evolution of Libraries

5/2/2019  |  METRO 599 11th Ave, NYC

The Center for Investigative Reporting Workshop

5/11/2019  |  Emeryville, CA

University of Texas at Austin Libraries

5/17/2019  |  Austin, TX

Outlier Podcast Festival

5/18/2019  |  Austin, TX

Podcasts To The Rescue! An Emerging Medium for Learning About Civics, Government, and the Social Contract

5/30/2019  |  METRO 599 11th Ave, NYC

Who Owns Your Content? A Look at Podcaster Rights

6/6/2019  |  METRO 599 11th Ave, NYC

The Labs at DC Public Library

6/21/2019  |  Washington, D.C.

ALA Annual Conference

6/22/2019  |  Washington, D.C.

Rhizome DC

6/23/2019  |  Washington, D.C.

[Podcast Movement] The State of the Indie

8/13/2019  |  Orlando, FL

[Podcast Movement] Get Paid to Podcast: The Next Frontier

8/13/2019  |  Orlando, FL

[Podcast Movement] It’s the year 2039. Where’s your podcast? (A Preserve This Podcast workshop)

8/15/2019  |  Orlando, FL

[Podcast Movement] Goldfish Tank (Sharks are So Scary!)

8/15/2019  |  Orlando, FL

Center for Documentary Studies Workshop

9/14/2019  |  Durham, NC

The Bubbler at Madison Public Library

9/21/2019  |  Madison, WI

DLF Forum 2019

10/13-17/2019  |  Tampa, FL

Audio Engineering Society New York 2019

10/18/2019  |  New York, NY

PRX Podcast Garage

10/19/2019  |  Boston, MA

House of Pod

11/9/2019  |  Denver, CO

ALCTS Webinar

12/04/2019  |  On your computer/phone

Preserve This Podcast 2-Part Webinar

01/23-1/24/2020  |  On your computer/phone